CTPS Renewal

CTPS Renewal

Your CTPS designation must be renewed every three years. Renewal is based on an accumulation of points or by re-application and re-examination. RENEW Your CTPS Here

Renewal Fee

For each three-year period, there is a renewal fee of $150 for members and $250 for nonmembers.  Continuing Education Credits must be submitted along with the renewal fee before the expiration date.

Renewal Points

To retain the CTPS credential, you must accumulate 30 credits of Continuing Education (CE), professional development or other areas such as leadership, instruction, or writing every three years and submit a completed CTPS renewal report form. Points for renewal can be earned starting from the date appearing on the CTPS certificate for the first renewal or from the date of the last renewal, whichever is applicable.

To track your CE credits, please select CEUs Tracker under Quick Links. 

Please click here to contact us for information on how to renew your CTPS certification.

Continuing Education Credits

1 credit per hour
Attend seminars, conferences or courses in the technology procurement industry.

5 credits per presentation title
Serve as speaker, instructor, or panel moderator in a forum for technology procurement professionals.

Course Completion
10 credits per course
Successfully complete accredited college-level courses directly related to technology procurement.

10 credits per publication
Contribute to industry publications as an author.

10 credits per year
Contribute to industry publications as an editor.

Committee Member
10 credits per year
Serve as member of a Caucus committee relevant to technology procurement.

Book Author/Editor
20 credits per published book
Serve as author or principal editor of a book pertaining to the art and science of technology procurement.