The International CTPE Society (ICS)

As the Beacon of international standards and practices of IT Procurement training, the International CTPE Society (ICS) empowers its members and their students to strengthen their position in commerce on a global scale. ICS provides standards in all functional areas of the educational process for the purpose of assuring that member institutions provide the most effective and valid CEU training.

ICS oversees the development, dissemination, and evaluation of the training programs offered by its membership. ICS provides standards and guidelines that directly impact the delivery of effective training programs related to IT Procurement Management. ICS is also actively engaged in assessing the effectiveness of organizations determining conformance to standards.


To enhance both the academic advancement and market competitiveness in the IT procurement marketplace. The tenets of the ICS mission rest with its focus on the quality of training, promoting and facilitating IT procurement training standards and assessment systems, as well as safeguarding their integrity.

Accreditation process

The original Certification exams and the other requirements for earning a CAUCUS Certification were created by a team of senior IT procurement professionals through the Caucus Executive Advisory Committee (CEAC). CEAC is a representation of a wide variety of companies spanning multiple industries and disciplines related to the IT procurement industry.

Since the inception of the Certification programs in 2002, the module based online comprehensive certification exam and other certification requirements have undergone periodic reviews. These reviews are designed to ensure that the curriculum, exams, and all other requirements remain current with the rapidly changing IT procurement field.

To continue the improvement of the Certification process, CEAC evolved into the International CTPE Society (ICS). ICS consists of a Board of seven (7) senior IT procurement professionals working in private enterprise and government IT procurement.

Among its duties, the ICS Board carries out an ongoing review and improvement of:

  • All course modules needed for exam preparation
  • Fulfillment of all other requirements needed from each Certification matriculation candidate
  • The online review modules used to prepare persons interested in taking the Certification Exam

Additionally, the Board is responsible to receive, evaluate and rule on the occasional appeal and to respond to questions submitted by persons taking the Certification exams.

These ongoing accreditation efforts by the ICS Board assure that the CAUCUS Certifications remain an industry-wide respected designation. Successful candidates who earn certification convey the level of specialized knowledge, skill, and competencies necessary to do better deals.

Founded in 2002

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