CTPE Program

CTPE Program - Invest in the Future

CAUCUS certifications have been a respected foundational benchmark in the IT Procurement industry for over 25 years. Deciding on certification by CAUCUS, whether as a Certified Technology Procurement Specialist (CTPS) or a Certified Technology Procurement Executive (CTPE), is a great investment for any team or individual involved in any facet of IT Procurement.

Investing in yourself or your team through professional certification is not only great for morale, but it also has the benefit of elevating professional status, assessing staff skill sets, enhancing individual performance, and improving leadership skills.

If the following statements describe you, attaining the Certified Technology Procurement Executive designation should be your goal.

  • You are a procurement professional with:
  1. six years of procurement-related experience and an associate degree, or
  2. five years of procurement-related experience and a bachelor's degree, or
  3. four years of procurement-related experience and a master's degree, or
  4. three years of procurement-related experience and a doctorate, or
  5. seven years experience without a degree.
  • You are currently employed in a position where significant portions of your normal responsibilities include the procurement and/or management of technology products and services.
  • You have decided to make technology procurement your career and are willing to commit to career-long professional development.
  •  Those who are or would be classified as vendors are not eligible for CTPE accreditation.

CAUCUS Certification Program participants learn and are evaluated on:

Procurement (CTPS & CTPE) - Communication, negotiation, understanding of requirements, contract management, vendor management, corporate policies and procedures, training, tools, and time management are all essential elements for successful procurement efforts. Varying degrees of knowledge in technology, law and finance are also required.

Contract Management (CTPS & CTPE) Negotiating a documented exchange of business promises, (includes terms, conditions, benefits, obligations, and pricing, obtaining appropriate approvals and signatures, and managing the contract through its full lifecycle, as well asset management, and effective communication with vendors.

Finance (CTPE Only)- Types, terms and decisions for leases, Vendor evaluation, Financial Statements and Balance sheets, Key business ratios, GAAP.

Legal (CTPE Only) - Contract principles, Allocating Risk (Liability and indemnification), Intellectual Property (copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets), Contract Formation and potential risks, and Infringements.

Information Technology (CTPE Only) - Data Networks and Their Architecture, The Internet and the Intranet, Wireless Communications, Hardware Components and Their Use, Major Operating Systems, Major Applications, Storage Systems and Related Hardware, Network Security, Fundamental Telephony Concepts, Cloud computing (including SaaS, IaaS, PaaS), Virtualization, Social Network.

CTPE Scoring and Reporting Information
The CTPE program exam consists of 5 modules and 5 examinations.  You will receive an email after you complete each test specifying your outcome.  A score of 70% or better for each module is required to receive your certification, and the results of your exam will be provided to you immediately upon completion.

(Exams may contain some questions that are being validated for future exam use. Validation questions will not be included in score computation.)  Examination results will not be discussed over the telephone.

See assessment exemptions below or Register for Certification →

Please note: The CTPE Exam is designed to be an in-depth test assessing the learning and skill of the individual acquired through his or her study, knowledge, formal education, and lengthy IT procurement work experience in the areas of procurement, legal, finance, information technology and contract management. Using our CAUCUS review modules may be helpful as a partial refresh. However, these review modules do not contain answers to all of the questions that may appear in the CTPE Exam.

Appeals Process
Within 60 days following the announcement of your CTPE exam results, unsuccessful candidates may request that the CTPE Advisory Committee review their exams. No one other than the candidate may make the appeal. The CTPE Advisory Committee shall respond to the candidate within 60 days of receiving the appeal.

CTPE Assessment Exemptions

Degree / Certification                   Exempted Section               Exempted Section

CIO, IT Director/Manager

Technology only


CPM Certification

Contract Management




    Contract Management


Procurement only



Contract Management






Contract Management


Law Degree

Contract Management



So, simply go to the CAUCUS Certification page, or call 407-740-5600, to reach CAUCUS member services, and we will help you launch yourself and your team to the next level of professional success and recognition. Ask us about corporate rates.