Create the Caucus Userid(s)

  1. Create a new userid, called "caucus", with its own home directory, such as /home/caucus.  (You may use a different name or home directory if you prefer.  The installation procedure will adapt to whichever name you choose.)

    Caucus must also have a dedicated unix group that is not used for any other purpose.

    The home directory for Caucus must have enough free disk space to contain all of the Caucus programs and data files, and all of the anticipated conference data.  A minimum of 100 megabytes is recommended.  (The software itself is less than 30 megabytes.)

    Only the system manager, or a designated Caucus manager, should know the password to the Caucus userid.

  2. Create a second userid, typically called "caucus_mail".  It must use the same group as the "caucus" userid from step 1.

    This id is used for the Caucus "E-mail participation" feature.  Even if you do not intend to use this feature now, please follow this step anyway.

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