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We have organized frequent questions about Caucus into several categories, shown below.

1. What Is Caucus?
General information about Caucus and where it fits in with collaboration tools and the Web.
Product Information


  • Caucus FAQs
  • 2. How Can I Try Caucus?
    How to try out Caucus, on our host, or on yours.

    3. How do I install Caucus?
    How to install Caucus on your own host server.

    4. How do I get technical support for Caucus?
    On-line documentation and conferences, and information about Caucus maintenance.

    5. How does... (a particular Caucus feature) work?
    For questions about using an existing feature or capability of Caucus.

    6. Caucus Management Questions
    Questions about managing the use of Caucus

    7. Technical Questions
    Look here for the tough technical questions about how Caucus works internally, or how to customize it or integrate it with other applications.

    8. What if I have other questions?
    For when you can't find an answer to your question: conferences, e-mail, and searching our site...

    9. Where is the fun stuff?
    For the lighter-hearted moments.