CML Reference Guide

Chapter 4.11:  "My" Information


The "$my_" and "$set_my_" functions relate to registration information about the current user.

Evaluates to "1" if the current user is registered with Caucus, and "0" otherwise.

Evaluates to the current user's full name.

Evaluates to the current user's telephone number.

Evaluates to the text of the current user's "brief introduction".

Evaluates to the time and date the current user was "last on" Caucus.

Evaluates to a number which represents when a person's items or responses should appear as "new".  0 means "later" (only after someone else adds a response), 1 means now (immediately becomes new), and 2 means never (it is immediately treated as "seen").

$set_my_text(n)        {protected}
Sets the value of my_text, as defined above, to n.

$set_my_name(name)        {protected}
Sets the current user's full name to name.  (Will not change the user's name if name is empty.)  Evaluates to '1' on success, '0' on failure.  (Fails if attempting to create a new user, and the maximum total number of users for this license has been reached.)

$set_my_phone(number)        {protected}
Sets the current user's telephone number to number.  (May be set to nothing).  Evaluates to nothing.

$set_my_intro(text)        {protected}
Sets the current user's brief introduction to text.  (May be set to nothing).  Text may contain newlines.  Evaluates to nothing.

$passwd(id newpw oldpw)        {protected}
Obsolete.  See the new password functions.  Change the password for user id, to newpw (from oldpw).  Evaluates to a success code: 0 means success; non-zero is an error code.

$passcheck(id pw)        {protected}
Obsolete.  See the new password functions.  Evaluates to '1' if id and pw are a valid password pair, and '0' otherwise.  If $passcheck() fails, most CML functions that reference actual Caucus data are disabled.  (If $passcheck() is called again and succeeds, the functions are enabled.  Functions are enabled by default.)