Before You Begin

Normally, the system manager must install Caucus.  Ordinary users do not have the proper permissions to install Caucus and integrate it with the primary web server.

(It is possible to install Caucus and a web server in a single, regular userid on a Unix platform -- for example, as a way to evaluate a trial Caucus kit.  But a production Caucus system should always be installed by a system manager.)

If you are upgrading a Caucus site, we recommend that you have or make an adequate backup of the Caucus home directory.  Then skip directly to Install the Caucus Software.  Your Caucus software will be updated without harming any of your existing conferences.  If you are installing Caucus for the first time, follow all of steps shown below.

The installation procedure installs the Caucus database, the World Wide Web interface, and the text interface.  The normal Caucus 4.x kit is licensed for a specific maximum number of Web users, but limits the text-interface users to one at a time.  If you have purchased the text-interface license option, you will also be allowed an unlimited number of text interface users.

(If you find that you need assistance with installing Caucus, start by joining the support conferences -- see the home page.)

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