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  1. How can I try out Caucus at Caucus Systems?

    You are welcome to join our Conference Center yourself, and browse through our conferences.  Once there, take a look at the Demonstration and Caucus Questions conferences.

    (There is also a text-based interface for Caucus.  Login as "caucus" and continue from there.  The text interface is useful for visual handicaps, or people with extremely limited access to the net.)

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  1. How can I try out Caucus on my own host?

    You may download (free) a 30-day trial version of Caucus for your own host server.  Caucus supports a wide variety of operating systems, including Windows/NT and most flavors of Unix.

  2. Can I see how other people are using Caucus?

    Many different sites and organizations are using Caucus; some of them have public conferences, although it may require a fee to join their service.

    You can contact the following organizations for information about their public use of Caucus: