Caucus FAQ: Technical

Revised 5 August 1999

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  1. I'm using virtual hosting with my web server.  How can I give Caucus a different "look" to users of the different virtual hosts, yet have them share the same set of conferences?

    See the Caucus "How To": Virtual Hosts and Caucus.

  2. What is the actual architecture of Caucus?  How do the programs and processes involved talk to each other?

    See the detailed description of the Caucus Architecture.

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  1. How can I write CML scripts that don't need a browser?  (How do I use the 'sweba' utility?)

    You can write CML scripts that run in a command line window (not in a browser), or that run by themselves, unattended.  See the Caucus "How To": Sweba Scripts.

    More technical questions and answers are forthcoming... stay tuned as we harvest our conferences for detailed information.