Diagnosing Caucus Chat problems

If you're having difficulty with the Caucus 'chat' tool, follow the steps below to diagnose the problem.  These instructions assume that you have a Windows PC running Internet Explorer.  The exact procedure will vary for other operating systems or browsers.

  1. Does Java work with your browser?

    1. Click on http://thedance.net/clock.  If you see a clock with moving hands, you have some version of Java installed. 

    2. Click here.  Scroll down a little bit in the new page, and you should see an animated dancing figure.  You should also see a version report.  You must have Java version 1.3 or higher; if not, proceed to step E and install Java.

    3. If neither the clock nor the dancing figure appeared, make sure the Java console is enabled.  Follow the directions here.  Then go back to step A.

      If it appears that Java is not installed, go to step E.

    4. If java still does not work, make sure it is enabled in Internet Explorer.  Follow the directions here.  Then go back to step A.

    5. Finally, if all else fails, install java.  Download installjava.exe and save the file to your desktop.  (If you are not using Windows, click here and click on "Get it now" to get java for your computer.)

      Double-click on the new java icon on your desktop, and follow the instructions.  You will probably need to reboot your PC afterwards.  Then go back to step A.

  2. Can you connect to the chat server?

    If java works, then there may be a problem connecting to the chat server, possibly due to an overzealous firewall between your PC and the server.  Try the steps below to test this.

    1. Click on Start (usually in the lower left-hand corner of your screen), then Run. 

    2. In the pop-up dialog box, type

        telnet  groupjazz.gjhost.com  8000

      and click on "OK".

    3. A new window will appear. 

      • If you see "Connecting to..." in the window, and then after ~30 seconds the window closes by itself, then you are blocked by a firewall from reaching the chat server.  You will need to contact your system administrator or ISP to find out why port 8000 is being blocked.

      • If you don't see "Connecting to", or if you see it very briefly (less than a second or two) and then it disappears, then you are not blocked, and chat should work.