CML Reference Guide

Chapter 1:  Introduction


This document is the reference guide for CML, the Caucus Markup Language.  CML is a scripting language that combines HTML tags with simple programming constructs and database functions.  The CML language interpreter is the core of the World Wide Web interface to the Caucus conferencing system (hence the name).

This guide assumes considerable familiarity with HTML, the World Wide Web, Web browsers, and the Caucus conferencing system.  For more information about Caucus, see the CaucusCare home page at

This document is copyright © 1996-2005 by CaucusCare.  This is a work-in-progress, and will be frequently revised.  This edition corresponds to the CML interpreter provided with the "Caucus 4.6" package.  Corrections and comments (but not questions) should be sent to the author at

New features and functions in 4.6

New features and functions in 4.4

New features and functions in 4.3

New features and functions in 4.21

New features and functions in 4.11

New features and functions in 4.10

What's new in Caucus 4.1

First of all, if you are upgrading from version 3.x of Caucus, first see What's new in Caucus 4.0.  The rest of this page describes changes since version 4.0.

In some special cirumstances, CML variable names containing a dot (".") may not be interpreted correctly.  If at all possible, please avoid the use of CML variables containing a dot.