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Notes:  One row per user, one column per user information field. When a manager defines a new "master" user information field, Caucus adds a new column to this table. So this list of columns is by definition not complete.

Name Type Index Null? Default
userid varchar(255) PK No ''
active int(11) I NULL Is this an 'active' user? 10=yes, 0=deleted, other codes reserved.
lname varchar(255) I NULL Last name. A user must have a last name, at a minimum, to exist.
fname varchar(255) I NULL
prefix varchar(255) NULL e.g. Mr., Dr., etc.
suffix varchar(255) NULL e.g. "Esq", "III"
intro mediumtext personal description aka "introduction"
phone varchar(255) NULL
email varchar(255) NULL
homepage varchar(255) NULL
picture varchar(255) NULL last part of URL to picture
registered datetime I NULL
laston datetime I NULL last on Caucus, automatically maintained
registeredon datetime NULL when registered, automatically maintained
regface varchar(255) NULL interface used to register user, automatically maintained
latitude_longitude varchar(255) NULL as determined by calling MaxMind on the IP address, optional