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Notes:  The Tasks table keeps not only a list of all tasks on the system, but a complete history of every version of every task.

Thus, each task has a unique tid, but each row has a unique primary key, tkey. A single task may have many rows with the same tid and different updateds. Only the most recent row will have current = 1, all others will have a value of 0. (Seems like there ought to be an SQL way to do this by taking the max() of updated, but w/o sub-queries that may not be possible or portable.) (This last statement is probably wrong and should be corrected, 9/18/08.)

If a task has been deleted, all its rows will have deleted = 1, but the rows are still maintained and are in theory still visible (although certain UI issues, like who is allowed to examine deleted tasks, need to be resolved).

Name Type Index Null? Default
tkey int(11) ++ PK No
tid int(11) I No unknown
title varchar(64) I NULL
lead varchar(64) I NULL lead person assigned to task. FK user_info
assigner varchar(64) I NULL person who assigned this task. FK user_info
towner varchar(240) I NULL
tgroup varchar(255) I NULL group allowed to see or modify this task
target date I NULL proposed target (due) date of task
priority int(11) I NULL
category int(11) I NULL General category that class belongs to
status varchar(32) I NULL Description of status -- open, done, etc.
updated datetime I NULL When was this task last updated or modified?
current int(11) I NULL Is this the most current version of this task?
deleted int(11) NULL 1=deleted
text mediumtext Actual (probably HTML) text of task
texttype varchar(32) NULL