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Notes:  Contains the actual responses (aka comments or postings). Each response belongs to one, and only one, item. The primary key for a response is the combination of its response number (label), and the id of its containing item. Thus the first response in each item is always number 0, the second is number 1, and so forth. If responses are deleted, the response numbers do not change (shift).

Name Type Index Null? Default
rnum int(11) (pk) No '0'
items_id int(11) (pk) No
userid varchar(240) I NULL author FK user_info
text mediumtext
time datetime NULL creation time
prop int(11) '0' old-style text "property", 3=CML, 2=HTML, 1=Literal, 0=word-wrapped
bits int(11) '0' old-style "bits": 32=anonymous, 16=by-organizer(?), ... ?
copy_rnum int(11) '0' original response copied from
copy_item int(11) '0' original item copied from
copier varchar(240) NULL userid of copier FK user_info
copy_time datetime NULL date/time copied
copy_show tinyint(4) '0' 1=show, 0=don't show "copied" notice
copy_cnum int(11) '0' original conference copied from
deleted int(4) '0' epoch time when this conf was marked deleted, else 0
author_shows_as varchar(255) NULL Author name, overrides any other value. Usually gets set by email participation. Normally NULL (empty).
version smallint (pk) 0 1 is oldest version, 2 next oldest... but 0 is current version.
edittime datetime NULL time edited
editid varchar(24) userid of editor