Top => quiz   Quizzes. Each quiz has a unique key (qkey); each row represents a single quiz.

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Notes:  "Quizzes" are a new feature in Caucus 5.0, intended to round out the e-Learning side of Caucus discussions.  The basic use-case model goes like this:

  1. Quizzes are just another type of item.  They belong to a conference, and have the same kind of access control as a regular ("discussion") item.
  2. Quizzes are created and edited by organizers (or instructors).
  3. Quizzes have a list of editable properties, such as title, when the quiz is available to be taken, etc.
  4. Generally it is assumed that the quizzes are meant to be "taken" by the regular ("include" level) members, although the organizers may also "take" their own quizzes.
  5. Quizzes in turn contain a list of "Problems".  Each Problem is a single question, with an optional list of answers.  A problem may be "in" one or more Quizzes, but every Problem must appear in at least one Quiz.  Problems can be moved around, or copied, to different Quizzes.
  6. Quiz takers have a record of their "Score(s)", identified by Quiz and Problem.  Takers can only see their own Scores, organizers can see all the scores for all quizzes in the conference.
  7. Quizzes do not have discussion, although one can add a "breakout" discussion item to a quiz item (or vice versa).
  8. Quizzes have 4 states, which appear as icons in the "new" column of the conference home page item list:

Name Type Index Null? Default
qkey int(11) ++ PK No
userid varchar(240) I NULL Quiz owner (writer)
title varchar(240) NULL Description/name of quiz
visible0 date NULL Starting date when quiz is visible
visible1 date NULL Ending date when quiz is visible
onepage int(11) '0'
deleted tinyint(4) '0' Is quiz deleted?
seeAnswers int(11) '0' May takers see the correct answers after scoring?
seesummary varchar(20) NULL Who can see the summary? (editors/takers/anyone)
includeScore tinyint(4) '1' Should this quiz's score be included when computing total across all quizzes?