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Notes:  An Item is a single entry in the items table. It is a "container" for a linear chain (thread) of responses. Each item is independent of any conferences, but typically appears in one (or more conferences).

Items are uniquely (internally) identified by, but when an item appears in a conference, it has a "number" (a label), such as "5", "17.2", "3.2.6", etc. "Dotted" item numbers refer to "break-out" items in a hierarchy, i.e. 3.2.6 is the sixth breakout from the second breakout from item number 3.

Name Type Index Null? Default
id int(11) ++ PK No
userid varchar(240) NULL item creator, FK user_info
title varchar(255) NULL
lastresp int(11) '-1' response number of highest undeleted response
frozen tinyint(4) '0' 1=frozen
qkey int(11) NULL For items of type 'quiz', FK quiz, else NULL.
type enum('item','quiz','wiki') 'item'