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Name Type Index Null? Default
event varchar(12) I NULL name of event, e.g. 'login', 'read', 'additem', etc.
userid varchar(80) I NULL
sessionid char(20) I NULL Unique identifier of a single user session
time timestamp I No CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
duration int(11) NULL Duration in seconds of the event (e.g. 'addresp' duration is time in seconds from viewing item until clicking "post"
size int(11) NULL in bytes (e.g. 'addresp' is size of new response)
conf int(11) I NULL conference number
item int(11) NULL item id number
r0 int(11) NULL Response number, or first response in a range
rn int(11) NULL Last response number in a range
iface varchar(40) I NULL Caucus interface name (e.g. "CC51")
object varchar(80) NULL Object of event, e.g. user creation is userid of new user
s1 varchar(80) NULL Arbitrary string #1
s2 varchar(80) NULL
s3 varchar(80) NULL
n1 int(11) NULL Arbitrary number #1
n2 int(11) NULL
n3 int(11) NULL