Top => conf_has_items   Link items to their containing conferences

Categories: Items  Conferences 

Notes:  A many-to-many relationship that links items to conferences. Each row declares that a particular item appears in a particular conference, and specifies the item number sequence (e.g. 5.1.2) used to label that item in that conference.

Note that an item that is shared across multiple conferences may be "hidden" or "retired" in one conference, but not in another.

Name Type Index Null? Default
cnum int(11) I NULL FK confs
items_id int(11) I NULL FK items
item0 int(11) I '0' item number (label), level 0
item1 int(11) I '0' level 1 (x.n)
item2 int(11) I '0' level 2 (x.x.n)
item3 int(11) I '0'
item4 int(11) I '0'
item5 int(11) I '0'
hidden tinyint(4) '0' 1=hidden
retired tinyint(4) '0' 1=retired
items_parent int(11) I '0' parent item, for breakouts
resps_parent int(11) I '0' parent response, for breakouts. (items_parent, resps_parent) is FK to resps
deleted int(11) '0' epoch time when this entry was marked deleted, else 0