CML Reference Guide

Chapter 4.20:  Manager Functions


Caucus defines "managers" as specific users who have managerial capabilities not granted to the regular Caucus user.  When Caucus is installed, one such userid is designated the "primary manager"; this person has all capabilities at all times, and cannot be removed.

The primary manager may then add other managers with more restricted capabilities. 

  1. Caucus 5.x
    Manager capabilities are controlled by a special set of "manager" groups, such as "conferenceCreate".  This completely replaces the bit-mask approach from Caucus 4.

    Which users are in which manager groups may be determined directly by querying the 'groups' table, or through the service functions defined below.

    $mgr_groups (userid)
    Evaluates to a list of the manager groups that userid is a member of, and the permission in each.  The result appears as space separated "pairs" of group name and (numeric) group access, e.g. "conferenceCreate 10 interfaceManage 40 ...".

    $mgr_in_group (userid group1 [group2 ...])
    Is userid in any one of the listed manager groups?  Evaluates to the access level of the first such group matched, or else 0.  (This is really just another way of getting at the same data returned by $mgr_groups().)

  2. All versions (5.x and 4.x)
    Evaluates to the e-mail address of the Caucus administrator (as defined in swebd.conf).

  3. Caucus 4.x
    Each manager capability corresponds to a single bit in a bit mask: the capabilities, and their values and names are shown below:

     MGR_SET    0x001  modify list of managers
     MGR_CRCONF 0x002  create new conferences
     MGR_RMCONF 0x004  remove conferences
     MGR_BEORG  0x008  become an organizer of any conference

    There are two CML functions that work with the list of managers and their capabilities:

    $mgr_list()        {protected}
    Evaluates to the complete list of managers, in the form "manager1 mask1 manager2 mask2...".  Each mask is the numeric sum of that manager's capabilities.

    $mgr_list(userid)        {protected}
    Evaluates to "userid mask", where mask is the sum of that specific manager's capabilities.